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Art direction & concept design, 2D game artist, UI, illustration, animation, character & BG design, development, consultation & brain-picking, 30 years in commercial animation, independent films & video games

Art direction demo reel

For all the projects in this demo reel I have been involved as the art director and in some cases, as the production designer also. On some projects, I also animated, designed the title, props, backgrounds and characters.

Chop Chop Ninja World - Teaser

Working for Gamerizon as a 2D senior game artist, I designed some of the characters (mostly the monsters), props and animated the special effects on this game available for free in the apple store. Download the game here

Le Jour des Corneilles - Max Films

supervisor of the assistant animators - managed a team of 8 artists in Montreal on a traditional 2D animated feature film. The co-production with France featured the voices of actor Jean Reno and the late actor/director Claude Chabrol.

Neverbloomers - Sharon Films

art director & animator - created all the visual elements and animation for the opening, closing credits and transitions (using After Effects) for the documentary film by Sharon HymanDesigned the title logo.