ROLE :  PRODUCTION DESIGNER & ART DIRECTOR  -  Conceived the general look and feel and oversaw all the sets and props.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION :  24 mins. Short comedy written, directed & produced by Carole Ducharme. Featuring Jasmin Roy and Stéphane Archambault. 

Screened at more than 40 international film festivals; broadcast in Australia, Canada, USA. Winner of the Nell Shipman Production Excellence Award for Best Short Film and Best Musical Score (Seattle USA, 2000). Nominated for Best Screenwriter and Best Musical Score at the LEO Awards (Vancouver, 1999). Nominated for Best Short Film at the JUTRA Awards (Montreal, 1999)

STORYLINE - In a comic 50s pop-art world ruled by Gays and Lesbians, a suburban teen fears she might be Straight.

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