Daytime Emmy® Award winner with three decades of experience as an Illustrator, Art Director and Animation Supervisor in the entertainment industry, with extensive knowledge of the animation pipeline.

I am an accomplished Illustrator, Art Director and Supervisor with over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from feature films, documentaries and television series to video games, advertisements, and educational material. This has allowed me to develop versatility in my approach, adapting to each project's specific needs.

My bachelor's degree in cinema, along with my extensive experience in film animation provides me with a unique blend of storytelling expertise and visual sensibilities, giving me a solid foundation for contributing creatively to the intersection of art and artificial intelligence.

Fluent in French, English and Spanish, my work in the animation industry has taken me around the world, to Japan, France, England, China, and Spain. In England, I worked on THE VILLAGE, a short film nominated for both American and British Academy Awards and a prizewinner at a number of festivals. Also in England, I contributed to the highly successful feature film AMERICAN TAIL II: FIEVEL GOES WEST, produced by Steven Spielberg, and in Paris, to the feature-length ASTERIX AND THE BIG FIGHT. In Montreal, I supervised a number of popular cartoon series for Cinar Animation, including three-time Emmy® Award winner, ARTHUR. More recently I supervised the animation of the 2D animated feature film, TOOPY AND BINOO THE MOVIE, Inspired by the popular books and TV series broadcast in 175 countries and 20 languages.

My contributions as an animator, art director and illustrator in documentary films include - but are not limited to - opening sequences, closing credits, transitions and animation of archival photographs. Additionally, my illustrations have formed part of animated segments in documentaries for the Science Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.



SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY → Photoshop - Illustrator - Midjourney AI - Runway Gen-2 - Pika Labs - Toonboom Harmony - Toonboom Storyboard - InDesign - After Effects - Adobe Animate - ShotGrid - Final Cut - Premiere - CapCut - DaVinci Resolve.



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